Everything is turning around

After a lot of traveling, I finally get to spend some time in one place. When I was home for spring break, I only spent a few days there and then I went down to SUNY Purchase to see my sister. I drove back up home and then back to Plattsburgh. Last week I went down to Saratoga for the ANCA Buyer Days trade show on Wednesday and went home for Easter on Saturday. In two weeks I spent roughly 22 hours traveling. I am so happy it’s over.

Now is time to relax. Today is a beautiful day in the North Country — finally. Even though I really hate it up here, I am enjoying the days when the weather is nice. Having the opportunity to live in a new place for the summer is exciting. I’m excited to have a beach nearby and live with my boyfriend, so many of my fears are beginning to melt away. I have two great summer jobs, one with Adirondack Grilling Pellets and the other with Rulfs Orchard about 15 minutes outside of Plattsburgh.

I’m thrilled to begin my new venture as a social media intern with Rulfs Orchard. It may prove to be challenging to do social media and PR with both Adirondack Grilling Pellets and Rulfs Orchard, but I enjoy challenging myself. I’m having a lot of fun working with Adirondack Grilling Pellets right now. I get to call publicity people and editors of magazines and I get to write. I have been waiting to really start writing and now is finally the time.



Anyway, to get to the fun stuff. I went to Burlington yesterday (this kind of short traveling is ok) and I want to give a big shoutout to Trinket. This store was the best store I’ve been to in Burlington. It had great cards and well, obviously, trinkets. They carry many different brands, like Jonathan Adler, Pistachio Press, and Dee and Lala. I bought a card for Will that I was going to save for his graduation but I gave it to him yesterday instead. I saw a flask from Izola that I want to get Will for his 22nd Birthday. I like this one because he has zero hair on his chest. Clearly, I’m the best for thinking of him.


The Trials of College Life

Yesterday I was really bothered by a teacher after I said that my brain was fried. She’s an amazing person who juggles tons of work stuff and her kids, but I just don’t think it’s ok for a person to judge someone else based on what they think their mental capacity is. Although I don’t have children, I still have 5 classes, which is a little like having 5 part-time jobs, an executive board position on a club, another executive board position for PRSSA, a dj spot on our college radio, and a job. Having that much on your plate would make most people go insane, but I think I handle it pretty well.

Another thing is that this same professor tells people that they are spread too thin while she’s doing the same thing. I wish I wasn’t spread too thin, I wish my professors didn’t like me and didn’t want me to be involved in a thousand different things, but I feel like I can’t be involved in only one organization or club and take the minimum amount of credits. It’s not possible in my life.

I wish my professors would remember that being in limbo with adulthood and childhood is a stressful time of life. It’s hard to figure out the kind of person you are while you are getting crushed with work, responsibilities and obligations that go along with being an adult. How am I supposed to know that this is the average amount of stress for an adult when I’ve been an adult for like a year? It’s not fair that I have to play a juggling game every day between everything when most people have one or two jobs and maybe have kids. ALSO THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO HAVE KIDS. THEY CHOSE THAT.

I’m just really sick of being pushed too far and spread too thin.

When the bad meets the good

If I were to give a high/low for today, my low would be that my little dwarf hamster’s tumor is growing larger. My other hamster Rosie died last week unexpectedly and now I’m worried that I will be hamster-less soon. Lucy still has energy to dig through her bedding to hide food, but she is running on her wheel less. I think it’s because her tumor went from the size of a peanut to a the size of a piece of popped popcorn. She’s not even the size of my palm so a peanut and a popped piece of popcorn are huge for her little body. I can tell that my poor little thing is fighting, so that is encouraging.

My high is that my advanced PR campaign class had a huge breakthrough for our client today! I won’t disclose much now, but hopefully soon I can. We are working really hard for Hannah’s Hope Fund, a non-profit based in Albany, NY. I’m pretty sure this will be the most successful class that Plattsburgh has ever seen once we’re finished.

The weather is also getting really nice up here in Plattsburgh. There are people outside with short-sleeve shirts and shorts. I wouldn’t say it’s warm enough for that, but whatever floats their boat.

How has your week been?