Everything is turning around

After a lot of traveling, I finally get to spend some time in one place. When I was home for spring break, I only spent a few days there and then I went down to SUNY Purchase to see my sister. I drove back up home and then back to Plattsburgh. Last week I went down to Saratoga for the ANCA Buyer Days trade show on Wednesday and went home for Easter on Saturday. In two weeks I spent roughly 22 hours traveling. I am so happy it’s over.

Now is time to relax. Today is a beautiful day in the North Country — finally. Even though I really hate it up here, I am enjoying the days when the weather is nice. Having the opportunity to live in a new place for the summer is exciting. I’m excited to have a beach nearby and live with my boyfriend, so many of my fears are beginning to melt away. I have two great summer jobs, one with Adirondack Grilling Pellets and the other with Rulfs Orchard about 15 minutes outside of Plattsburgh.

I’m thrilled to begin my new venture as a social media intern with Rulfs Orchard. It may prove to be challenging to do social media and PR with both Adirondack Grilling Pellets and Rulfs Orchard, but I enjoy challenging myself. I’m having a lot of fun working with Adirondack Grilling Pellets right now. I get to call publicity people and editors of magazines and I get to write. I have been waiting to really start writing and now is finally the time.



Anyway, to get to the fun stuff. I went to Burlington yesterday (this kind of short traveling is ok) and I want to give a big shoutout to Trinket. This store was the best store I’ve been to in Burlington. It had great cards and well, obviously, trinkets. They carry many different brands, like Jonathan Adler, Pistachio Press, and Dee and Lala. I bought a card for Will that I was going to save for his graduation but I gave it to him yesterday instead. I saw a flask from Izola that I want to get Will for his 22nd Birthday. I like this one because he has zero hair on his chest. Clearly, I’m the best for thinking of him.


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