Branching Out

ImageContrary to what this photo reveals, I’m not traveling around the world or doing anything fun for that matter. I’m just trying to be more worldly. I feel guilty that I don’t know the news around the world, and I really should. I don’t read enough and I feel like I don’t learn enough.

Being in college is an unfortunate pigeon-hole of knowledge. You are learning so much in your studies that you disregard the importance of looking around the world. Learning anything extra is very difficult. It’s hard to juggle it all. At work, I’m writing and learning a new industry. At school, almost everything I’m learning is new. It’s mentally draining sometimes to try to know everything.

Midterms are this week and it is really rough. I’m trying to finish projects and study and everything feels like it’s meshing together. I’m having a hard time balancing everything because I’m finding that my positions on clubs and organizations don’t matter to me this week. Any other week I’m fine with getting everything done, but it’s just a complete overload of studying and learning and vocabulary and painting and Photoshopping.

I’ve been wondering if this is what real life is like. What is it like to have responsibilities? My teacher/adviser/boss does it all. She has 3 kids, works as a professor, manages a new product from her husband’s company, created a conference for young girls to learn resiliency, and manages to (sort of) sleep. I can’t even be a full-time student with a part-time job.

How can I do it all?


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